Coronavirus: our answer

Coronavirus: our answer

30 Marzo 2020
Coronavirus: our answer

We feel part of a group of people that are fighting for everyone’s health, other than keep nourishing their own companies. 

Like many, Covre wants to face this delicate condition by sustaining the Nation and its healthcare: as suggested by our President, we decided to close the company temporarily to protect our employees, clients and suppliers.

Hygiene and safety regulations for our employees

Hygiene has always been very important for our company; today, more than ever. The sanitary requirements are many and, specifically, they weren’t made only for the people, but also, and especially, for the environments inside the company, which have to offer comfort, wellness and safety to all the employees. 

As we already mentioned, it is important for us that our collaborators can take advantage of the best working conditions, as our company is focused on the people and their health, which starts from the salubrity of the working environment, and respecting it is our responsibility.

Some aspects to consider inside the working environment:

- Stability and solidity of the offices that have to be fitting for the kind of activity

- Cleanliness of the offices

- Height and surface of the working space

- Windows and skylights that can be open, closed, adjusted and secured by the workers in total safety

- Traffic routes and exits that must be easy and safe to use, such as emergency exit routes that must always be kept clear

- Doors and stairs realized with precise measurement that must be respected

- Granting a perfect microclimate inside the offices, in order to assure clean air

- Availability of restrooms and changing rooms

- Enough drinking water

- Standardized showers, toilets and sinks 

These are some of the precautions that we must consider every day in order to guarantee a healthy, safe and, especially, pleasant working environment to our collaborators.

Standard hygiene rules aren’t enough in 2020. Because of the Coronavirus, we must protect ourselves more and differently.

The Coronavirus’ main ways of transmitting are:

- By touching infected people

- By cough and sneeze

- By touching hands 

The first rule to be respected is to avoid contact with others.

We are people, we are social beings. We exchange information and we confront with others every day, and today we find ourselves in a situation that is difficult to be managed, but not impossible.

Let’s face the crisis

We from Covre are in the continuous pursuit of new information, trends and news regarding our market. We want to recommend the very best to our customers, which is why we never let our guard down and we take advantage of everything that we have so that we carry forward our concept of innovation and future.

Did you know that

Plastics renewed the healthcare, for example by introducing syringes that were used more than once, causing the possibility of infections?

Plastic is an excellent material, it is flexible and resistant, very light, with great thermal properties.

That’s why we react to this crisis with strength: we have faith and we believe in our role, in our company and especially in our collaborators.

We are participating in big events like Euroshop, the world leading trade fair dedicated to retail, a concentrate of energy and innovation. 

We didn’t discourage ourselves with the low number of people that came to this year’s edition, given the fact that it was the period of the first news regarding the now pandemic situation.

Light+Building, the world's leading trade fair for intelligent lighting and intelligent building, is postponed to September.

The year 2019 wasn’t easy for plastics and polymers, and 2020 is, and will be, definitely an year of growth for all businesses.

We are going to treasure this “wait”; we will continue to work “from home” in order to rearrange all our appointments, improve, study for the future and returning to the field stronger than ever with the help of our collaborators.

We want to demonstrate that we are a strong company, this is the goal that will lead us to have new proposals for our customers.