Covre Design

Experience, innovation, excellence

Extrusion, molding and design

Covre Design was created by an excellent technical staff, the best equipment and 30 years of experience in the plastic and furniture industry. The acquired skills and the increasing market needs led to the creation of a line of products suitable for every office, home or public place, both from an aesthetic and practical standpoint.

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Vertebra Passacavo
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Porta Borse
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Porta Nome
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Technical staff
The energy, creativity and skills of all of Covre Manifatture’s cooperators make the realization of each project possible.
Modern equipment
All of Covre Manifatture’s extruding gears were projected and produced by the company itself to guarantee the highest possible efficiency and proper customization.
30 years of experience
Covre Manifatture’s experience can be noticed through the goods it produces thanks to a strong know-how, we are always ready for new exciting challenges.

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