Plastic materials

We extrude and mold plastic materials

Manufacturing plastic materials

Proper knowledge of raw materials allows us to be always ready for new market requests. Thanks to the 30-year experience in the industry, Covre Manifatture is able to extrude many materials and suggest the client the most suitable material for his/her project.

We extrude and mold plastic materials, while we constantly evaluate and test new options to always be prepared after our industry changes and evolves. We are always available for any new request and challenge.
• excellent thermal insulation; 
• great elasticity;
• shockproof and resistant to chemical corrosion;
• very easy to colour;
• also available as self-extinguishing material.
• very good, glass-like transparency;
• UV resistant and weatherproof;
• light-diffusing;
• endless colouring possibilities;
• scratch resistant;
• also available in frost colouring.
• heat resistant;
• good electrical properties and hydrolytic stability;
• can be powder-coated.
• universal and ductile material;
• naturally self-extinguishing.
• anti-UV;
• transparent;
• light-diffusing;
• very good mechanical resistance;
• endless colouring possibilities;
• also available in frost colouring with fibre additive.
• chemical-resistant;
• elastic and able to withstand the stresses;
• insulating;
• highly ductile material
• completely non-hygroscopic
• also available as transparent version
• very rigid;
• abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant;
• good electrical and dielectric properties;
• self-lubricating.
• high molecular mass;
• abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant;
• good electrical and dielectric properties;
• self-lubricating.

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Covre Design was created by an excellent technical staff, the best equipment and 30 years of experience in the plastic and furniture industry. 

Each client has his own specific requests and needs: for this reason, most of our products were created from a custom project. 

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