Plastic extrusion

Extrusion 101

Thermoplastic polymers‘ extrusion process

Extrusion consists in Pushing through compression the ductile thermoplastic material in form of granules through a die of the desired cross-section. The compression of the material is achieved through a screw that heats it and pushed it towards the head. The profile, once out of the die, is calibrated, cooled and cut according to the desired result.
Phase 1
Plastic granules are loaded into a hopper and then fed into an extruder. The material is moved through the chamber by a revolving screw.
Phase 2
Not all materials have the same properties, so the raw material is processed by a heating temperature specific to the type of raw material being passed through. At the end of the heated chamber, the molten plastic is forced through a small opening called a die to form the shape of the finished product.
Phase 3
As the plastic is extruded from the die, it is fed onto a conveyor belt for cooling, which can happen by air or water.
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