Covre Manifatture

Standard profiles for all industries

Designing and manufacturing technical profiles

Covre Manifatture offers many extrusion products for different branches, such as furniture, gaskets and seals, glazing beads etc. Thanks to our more than 30 year experience, to the constant enhancement of machinery and materials and particular attention on quality, we are able to follow our clients in each designing and producing stage.

Covre Manifatture offers a full package consisting of studying and designing technical profiles, suggesting the most suitable sections and materials for the requested application. We produce injection molds, extrusion tools and calibrating systems, thanks to our own production workshop, equipped with plunge and wire EDM machines, milling machines, lathes and CNC machines.

We extrude, coextrude, or print the requested article and can color everything we produce


Covre Manifatture’s specialty is extruding plastic profiles, perfect for all industries. Our products are manufactured with maximum care, in order to accomplish our customer’s mission.

Our Products

Picking the right material is necessary to realize a project. We are constantly studying and testing the best materials to find the most suitable solution for each client, trying to always be ahead of our time.

Plastic materials

Custom profiles

Each client has his/her own specific needs. For this reason, we realize custom projects, from a detailed analysis, to the careful selection of the most suitable materials and the creation of the profile.

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