What are the extruding plastic materials?

What are the extruding plastic materials?

17 Dicembre 2019
What are the extruding plastic materials?

We are able to extrude many different materials and to indicate to each client which material suits his/her project. We extrude and mold thermoplastic polymers and we are always testing and evaluating new options.

Let’s have a look at some of the plastic materials we extrude:


It gives life to LEGO bricks! But also to golf club heads and wire-containing tubes. The most important ABS properties are shock-resistance and hardness. In order to enhance its shock-resistance and heat-resistance, its polymers can be modified.


This polymer was created in Germany in 1928. It is clearer than glass and similar to optical fibers. It is also very resistant and, depending on the mix, it can be almost indestructible.


It is one of the most utilized plastic materials in the world. This material’s properties change depending on the additives it contains. PVC can be used in many different ways: it can be molded, extruded, calendared or liquified for coating textiles, tanks, valves, faucets, baths and artificial textile fibers.


This polymer has great isolating abilities, is very versatile and it’s one of the cheapest plastic materials, which is used to produce wire-insulators, plastic bags, boxes, tubes, wrappings and much more.